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EMAIL Me at help@worldtvondemand.com for questions

Instructions for repair, Send the SD Card only. Send a note with the issue you are having.
Send your contact information, Name, Phone Number, Address and a self addressed envelope with stamp.
Thank you, Harold

Warranty; we will repair or replace the Media Player if it has a factory defect for up to
one year. We do not offer cash refunds on electronics. Buyer is responsible for postage
for all repairs both ways. If you are sending a product back for repair please supply the
following. Send a note with the issue you are having.
Send your contact information, Name, Phone Number, Address and a self addressed paid
shipping back to you. “Box or envelope”. Email me at haroldjackson@live.com
You also agree to pay all cost for returned check and charge backs.
"If you buy any electronics from Me you are agreeing to this warranty"
Thank you, Harold


I will be at the Sanford Farmers Market Sat April 15th. 9AM-3PM 200 E 1st St, Sanford, FL. If it's not raining!
I can NOT answer the phone when I'm at the event. Sorry

You can Call Harold at 407-385-3662 for Questions.
Android is being replaced with a new or old operating system.
Have you ever herd of the Linux operating system?

Well Linux has been around for a long time. It’s stable and don’t have the virus
problems that other operating systems have. Linux works faster for streaming all of your
TV Shows, Sports, Music and PPV. You can watch 3D Movies if you have a 3D TV.

Most all Movies, TV Shows and Music are now available streaming over the
internet. Live TV is the next step for all your live streaming TV Shows and Movies.
Cable and Satellite TV is going to be in the past soon. This is the new cool way to
watch TV Shows, Movies and Sports.
This is how you cut your cable or Satellite Bill. Or with the new built in TV Tuner I’m working on you will have it all!
I’m working now to integrate the TV Tuner into the Raspberry Pi3.
WOW! How would that be? Just plug it in and scan you’re TV Channels and you will
have it all right at your finger tips!
I’m working to update my web site! So go and check it out and send me questions and I
will replay!
Thank you, Harold

Is Amazon Blocking Kodi TVaddons and xbmc? How can I fix my Fire Stick?

NEW 9-4-16 Thank you for viewing my videos. I was told by Amazom and Firestick users that Amazon has found a way to block Kodi. I do not own an Amazon Fire Stick so I can not tell you if that is your problem. But if you are not happy with your Fire Stick from Amazon and you are looking for an alternative check out World TV on Demand Media Player. With the World TV on Demand Media Player you get the best media player I can build for you. With the help from LibreELEC I have put together a package that will have you watching Movies and TV Shows in a snap. This Media Player will have the latest links to links so you can stream all the TV Shows, Movies, Sports and live TV that is available over the Kodi Tvaddons and XBMC network. I do NOT load any TV Shows, Movies, Sports or live TV on the Media Player. It will Stream all that is available to your TV from the internet. The Amazon Fire Stick is a small device the size of a flash drive that plugs into a TVs HDMI port. The World TV on Demand Media Player is a small device that plugs into a TVs HDMI port. I am NOT affiliated with Kodi, TVaddons, XBMC, Amazon or any other provider. This Media Player only connects to streaming video and Music over the internet. There is nothing on this Media Player. Amazon fire stick, kodi, tvaddons, xbmc, free movies with amazon, free tv shows with amazon, fire stick, specto, 123 movies, phoenix, ccloud, one channel, how to stream, how to get sports over the internet, movies over the internet, hillary, trump,

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TMZ, old tv shows streaming, streaming tv, streaming music for free, youtube, karaoke,
how to stream movies, how to strean tv shows, the walking dead, the talking dead, wwe on line,

I have spent YEARS learning how to have the best Android Streaming experiences I can
have. If you are a programmer and have the time you can too. Just visit the websites here
and happy STREAMING. There is nothing to it. Anyone can do it.
Visit the Addon websites for help with Addons. Kodi = http://kodi.tv/
Phoenix = http://addons.tvaddons.ag/show/plugin.video.phstreams/
Thank you to Kodi, Phoenix, Rockcrusher, Mikey 1234, Genesis, Sports Devil, One
Channel and Showbox. They all do a great job bringing entertainment to us all.
For more help give me a call 407-385-3662

Disclaimer: 1. Kodi is a registered trademark of the XBMC Foundation. We are not connected to or in any other way affiliated with Kodi, Team Kodi, or the XBMC Foundation. Furthermore; you will receive no support in official Kodi channels, including the Kodi forums and various social networks. World TV on Demand is a support website only. You will not find any downloads here. World TV on Demand will not make any addon. World TV on Demand will never host any Movie, TV Show, Sports or News of any kind. World TV on Demand is a website owned and operated by Harold Jackson and it is for training uses only. World TV on Demand does not stream or p2p any content of any kind. We are not promoting the copying or downloading of copyrighted content. We do not charge for any of the content you stream over the internet. Some providers may ask you to set up an account. It is up to you.
2. If you buy or ask for help with your Android, Linux, Computer or any other device to use Kodi you agree to hold World TV on Demand and Harold Jackson harmless. We are not responsible for any decisions you make. We offer FREE tech service to help you with your Media Player. Make sure this device is legal in your country. If seal is broken warranty is void. NOT Fully Loaded TV Top Box! You will need WIFI! No Local Channels! Call me for Info 407-385-3662

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I____________________________ agree to pay Harold Jackson the full amount agreed
to for any electronics devices that he is offering to sell to me. Buy viewing this website I
am agreeing to pay any fees related to the recovery of charge back and returned checks. I
agree to pay all court cost for returned checks and charge backs on all credit cards. I also
agree to pay an hourly fee of $69.00 per hour for time spent on the recovery of any
charge back or bad check. I hold Harold Jackson and World TV on Demand harmless for
any and all uses of my electronic devices I buy. I am buying electronic devices of my
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